PCOC staff 

National team

(based at the University of Wollongong)

Karen Quinsey, Director
P: (02) 4221 4411 E: 

Sabina Clapham, Quality & Education Manager
P: (02) 4239 2372 E:

Fiorina Mastroianni, Quality & Education Manager
P: (02) 4221 4047 E: 

Samuel Allingham, Statistician and Data Manager
P: (02) 4221 4476 E: 

Alanna Connolly, Statistician and Data Manager (currently on leave to April 2018)
P: (02) 4221 5640 E: 

Linda Foskett, Administrative Officer
P: (02) 4221 5092 E:

Lucie Thompson, Administrative Support

P: (02) 4221 5938 E: 

Quality Improvement Facilitators 

(based at the University of Wollongong)  

Gaye Bishop, Quality Improvement Facilitator
P: (02) 4221 3627 E: 

Pippa Blackburn, Quality Improvement Facilitator
P: (02) 4221 3469 E: 

Jane Connolly, Quality Improvement Facilitator
P: (02) 4221 5537 E: 

(based at Queensland University of Technology)

Claire Christiansen, Quality Improvement Facilitator
P: (07) 3138 6433 E:

(based at University of Western Australia)

Tanya Pidgeon, Quality Improvement Facilitator
P: 0467 720 453 E:

Last reviewed: 18 September, 2017

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