What is AROC Online Services (AOS)

What is AROC Online Services (AOS)

Launched in July 2012, AROC Online Services provides a more secure method of data entry via the AROC website.

Using AROC online services members are currently able to:

  • Enter their data into the AROC database
  • Download any of their AROC reports at any time
  • Enable their staff to sit the FIM credentialing exam online and instantaneously receive their exam results
  • Extract their data out of the AROC database as an Excel or ASCII file
  • Update their organisation's and staff details

Each person accessing AOS requires an individual user name and password. Facility logins and passwords for the Version 3 AROC website will not allow access to AOS. If you require an AOS user name and password please fill out the AROC form with the requested information via the following link: aroc@uow.edu.au

If you work at more than one facility your AOS password will allow you to access AOS for each of the facilities.

Further information about AOS as well as instructions on how to submit your data via AROC Online Services are available in the AOS User Guide.

Also available is information on how to sit the Online FIM credentialing exam.

Should you have any questions about AROC Online Services not covered in the AOS User Guide please contact AROC.

Last reviewed: 8 January, 2014