Training manual: Adult FIM™ Assessment / WeeFIM® Assessment

Each candidate should have access to a training manual if they are to participate in a training session and for study prior to undertaking the exam.

Training manual: The FIM™ Workshop: A manual for facility trainers

This manual provides information and tips to Facility Trainers for running FIM™ training sessions.

Presentation slides and practice case studies

A proforma of training presentations is available on CD-ROM as well as practice case studies with their answers for Facility Trainers when teaching or running a workshop. Contact AROC for further information.

Evaluation forms

Evaluation forms are available to enable feedback to the trainer after they have completed a workshop. An evaluation form should be completed by each participant at the end of a workshop. Completed evaluation forms should be sent to AROC. Trainers will receive a report summarising their evaluation forms.

* FIM™ and WeeFIM® are trademarks of the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, a division of UB Foundation Activities, Inc.

Last reviewed: 26 June, 2012