Online Data Dictionary (V4)

Online Data Dictionary (v4)


The online data dictionaries provide information about each of the data items in the AROC data bank. There are separate dictionaries for Australia and New Zealand because the codesets for some of the data items are different e.g. Indigenous Status.

AROC has produced separate data dictionaries for clinicians and developers.

The data dictionary for clinicians contains clinically relevant information about each of the data items including:

  • The definition of the data item
  • Why it is being collected (justification)
  • Guidelines on how to accurately record the data items
  • The codeset

The data dictionary for developers contains technical information to support developers during the build of their respective databases to support the collection of the V4 dataset. It includes information about:

  • The data element ID
  • Data element short and long name
  • Data element type
  • Country for which the data element is to be collected
  • Format in which the data element is to be collected
  • Width
  • Position
  • Effective and revision dates
  • Business rules
  • Obligation
  • Related data items

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Last reviewed: 11 July, 2014

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